Your Total IT Solution Provider

With over 30+ years of experience, Computer Atlanta specializes in providing a total IT solution, from needs assessment, hardware and software deliverables, with professional services and implementation. We specialize in providing in-house leasing to finance each phase IT project. (i.e. hardware, software, services, and implementation.) 


Our Approach

True value comes after the sale. We aspire to develop a true and lasting partnership role in your business success. From project planning and product installation through systems growth management, our people go beyond the sale to deliver real value across every phase of your business initiative.


Business Continuity  

We have the plan to keep your business operations running at an optimal level. We deliver the best in proactive and preventive planning.

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Our virtualization resources and partnerships, makes moving to a virtual world easier. Virtualize and experience greater energy and cost savings than ever before.

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We know you need a network that is reliable, secure, and constant. Our solutions and services to ensure that your network will not let you down—under any circumstance. As a part of our service offerings, we can provide you with a security assessment.

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Our Leasing Options

We offer leasing options that are flexible and comprehensive. With our long-term software-only leasing options, you can accurately plan and forecast your payments and Adjust payment terms—from one month to 60-month terms.

Our software leasing services expedite a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and ensure the highest level of protection from rising interest rates. Whether you are a burgeoning business or already well-established, we will tailor leasing options for your benefit.

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